Clock Plans

Wooden Clock Movements Plans  for the Do-It-Yourselfer Woodworking Hobbyist

   Our clock plans are exclusive to Craftime Clockery. You can be assured that these plans are not available anywhere else! Build yourself an impressive clock case with one of these patterns and be the envy of your friends.

   Any questions you may have about the design or building process of these clock plans can be answered directly by the staff who designed these patterns! These plans are for the more advanced woodworker who does not want to design his own pattern. Designed by an experienced woodworker for woodworkers!

The Milson Grandfather Clock Plan

Grandfather Clock Plan

Narrow Waisted Wall Clock

Narrow Waisted Wall Clock Plan

The Aristocrat Clock

The Aristocrat Clock Plan

The Secord Wall Clock

The Secord Wall Clock Plan

The Lexington Clock

The Lexington Clock Plan