The Maple Lane Wall Clock

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The Maple Lane Wall Clock Kit

This elegant wall clock kit is exclusive to Craftime Clockery! This is our very own clock design...and is our top of the line kit. This kit will make a stunning gift or a family heirloom that will be remembered for many years. It can be hung on any wall and requires much less room than a grandfather clock.

  • All the major components are pre-assembled.
  • Basic hand tools needed for assembly
  • Includes an authentic German movement with the following features
  • 8 Days Spring Wound
  • Triple Chime, St. Michael, Westminster and Whittington
  • 8 Hammers on the side.
  • Chime rods are 13-7/8" long
  • Pendulum is 18-1/2" long (handshaft to bottom of bob)
  • Available in Ash, Maple, Cherry or Walnut (unfinished)