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Are you looking to build a clock? Our website is full of innovative clock building supplies, clock movements, clock dials, pendulums and other clock accessories that are sure to ignite your imagination and turn them into creative clock projects. See our huge selection of quartz weather instruments for all kinds of possibilites for building weather stations. For those who need clock ideas we have a selection of clock plans and kits.

QUAD1 3/8 Shaft Length Electronic Quad Chime Movement

The most realistic tubular chime sounding quartz movement yet.Choose from  Westminster /  Ave Marie / Bim-Bam or Gong chime patterns.

Q8076 5/16 Shaft Length Mini Quartz Clock Movement

Our Most Popular Seller!

Our mini-quartz clock movement is the standard in the industry

3/8 Shaft QBELL1 Double Bell Westminster / Ava Maria Quartz Movement

The Westminster / Ava Maria is made by MSOriginal. This movement has a square speaker with volume control and a switch for 2 melodies. Can choose for quarter hour chimes or hourly chime. Automatic night shut off from 10pm - 6am. Pendulum can be removed if not needed

1-7/16 Ivory Arabic Fitup

Fitup With Gold Bezel

Continuous Sweep Movement

Mini quartz movements with continuous sweep second hand motion. Hand moves smoothly around the dial.

Q2201 5/16 Shaft Length Slim Size Pendulum Movement

Q7301 Mini High Torque Clock Movement

Q2501 7/16 Shaft Length Westminster Chiming Quartz Movment

The 2500 Series movement is a combination of value and ease of use that is hard to beat. This movement plays a partial Westminster melody every quarter hour with a full melody and hour count on the hour.