Bim / Bam Chimes

The 2400 series is the only quartz pendulum mechanical Bim-Bam movement on the market today. It has the full rich sound of a traditional mechanical Bim-Bam movement with the convenience and accuracy of a modern quartz movement. The hammers strike on 2 copper rods every ½ hour with a hour count on the hour. To choose the corrrect shaft length, measure the bezel cover over the movement, make sure you have at least 1/8 inch extra clearance between the end of the shaft and the glass for room to fit the second hand or cap nut.

All our movements include mounting hardware. And don’t forget to choose hands that best fit your style.

Our Melody Comparisons page was designed to make an easy reference to hear the difference in tones from one movement to another to help you make an informed buying decision.