Round Clock Dials

 Round Aluminun Clock Dials

All of our round metal clock dials are out of aluminum. Each dial is printed with epoxy based inks then baked to produce a long lasting durable finish. All of our metal dials have a protective plastic coating which should be removed before use. 

To determine the correct size of clock hands for each clock dial, take the overall size and subtract 1/2". Divide this number in half to get the correct length. For example: a 6" dial has about 1/2" of border. 6" - 1/2" = 5-1/2", 5-1/2" รท 2 = 2-3/4". Your clock hands need to be about 2-3/4" long.

Spun Gold Clock Dials

Round Metal Spun Gold Clock Dials

Ivory Color Clock Dials

Round Metal Ivory Clock Dials

Fancy Clock Dials

Round Metal Fancy Clock Dials

Vienna Regulator Clock Dials

 Round Vienna Regulator Metal Clock Dials

White Color Clock Dials

Round White Metal Clock Dials

Cream Color Clock Dials

 Round Cream Metal Clock Dials