3-1/2 Set of 3,6,9,12 Roman Numerals

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3-1/2" Tall Set of 3,6,9,12 Laser Cut Steel Roman Numerals

Laser Cut Metal Numbers for Large Wall Clocks. This set includes enough digits to make one set of roman numerals for 3,6,9 and 12.

Since these are laser cut they need to be cleaned up with very fine sand paper or scotchbrite pad before they are ready for you to apply the paint of your choice. Can be applied with glue, or drill small holes to mount with nails or weld a nail on backside and tap into wood. May be painted or rusted.

Template included with each order to help placing numerals: Place template on centre point of clock dial. Align a long ruler with the centre point and the 12 position of the large clock. Pencil mark on outer timering for placement. Repeat for 3, 6, 9 and 12.

  • Roman numerals are symbols that stand for numbers.
  • Roman numerals are written from left to right, using the principal of addition ei: VI = (5 + 1)
  • A smaller numberal appearing before a larger numberal indicates that the smaller numberal is subtracted from the larger one. This is used for the 4's and 9's. Thus 4 usually appears as IV (5 minus 1) and 9 appears as IX (10 minus 1)
  • In the late 1500's people started to use the Arabic numerals instead
  • Today the Roman system is used for clocks or to list topics in reports and to record dates on monuments and public buildings

Numeral Reference Chart:

  1. - I
  2. - II
  3. - III
  4. - IIII or IV
  5. - V
  6. - VI
  7. - VII
  8. - VIII
  9. - IX
  10. - X
  11. - XI
  12. - XII